The team


Sara Spalding – After spending many years working with the community and caring for people’s wellbeing it seemed a logical next step to get involved with the Soup Kitchen when it began in 2015, even now I still get a buzz from helping out and knowing we can potentially make a difference to people’s lives. Throughout the years I have completed training courses in First Aid including defibrillation, Mental Health, Criminal Law, Fire Safety, Food Safety and Hygiene to name a few, so I have met a variety of people in all walks of life, this experience I hope to share where I can with the Soup Kitchen. I take pride in that people can come to me to share their problems and hopefully help them in some way, with me what you see is what you get.

Rhonda Buckland

Mark Buckland

The Volunteers – The glue that holds everything together, without them it wouldn’t be possible! A complete range of ages from young to young at heart, a variety of experience in all fields, we truly are blessed to have such amazing people giving their time to help others.

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